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Honor & Qualification


November 2008

《certificate for drafting unit of the industry standard Knitted Lace


April 2013

Haixi Brand Enterprise, Recommended Unit,

Brand Culture Development Seminar of Fujian Issued

March 2014

 Quality Safety Credit, Alliance Unit,

Fujian Quality Management Association Issued

February 2014

Outstanding Strategic Cooperating Unit (2014-2015),

City Economy Seminar of Fujian Issued

September 2014

China Top 100 Integrity Brand Enterprises, 

China International Economic Technology Issued

November 2013

 Promise-keeping, Responsibility-taking (2013-2014 Group Member Unit)


September 2013

 Expert Workstation, 

Fuzhou Municipal People's Government Issued

January 2013

Fuzhou Well-known Trademark, 

Fuzhou Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce Issued

April 2012

Best Partner of Standardization, 

China Knitting Industry Association Issue

April 2013

Senior Advisor Unit,

Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce of Haizhu Warp Knitting Textile Issued

December 2010

 Fuzhou Product Quality Award, 

Fuzhou Municipal People's Government Issued

February 2011

Changle Warp Knitting Association, Vice-chairman Unit (2011-2015)


December 2013

Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, 

Fuzhou Economic Committee, Fuzhou Finance Bureau Issued

February 2013

Fujian Famous Brand, 

Fujian Provincial People's Government Issued 


China Knitting Industry Association Lace Branch, Executive Vice-chairman Unit


August 2011

2011 Fujian Quality Credit System Construction Unit, 

Fujian Quality Association Issued

September 2012

Fujian Famous Trademark, 

Fujian Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce Issued

August 2013

Honesty and Trustworthiness Demonstration Unit, 

Fujian Integrity Promotion Association Issued

February 2013

Fuzhou Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit, 

Fuzhou Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce Issued

July 2011, 

Fuzhou Harmony Enterprise, 

CPC Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, Fuzhou Municipal People's Government


SIUF China Underwear Industry Top 10 Suppliers (2013-2014)