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Talent Concept

Core Concept: Give opportunities to those who want to do something, stage to those who can do something and status and good remuneration to those who have done something. Promote the talented and use the talented.

1. The principle of equal stress on ability and virtue. To select and use personnel in accordance with comprehensive measurement and the requirements of equal stress on ability and virtue; adhere to he who has virtue but not talent is the mediocre, and he who has talent but not virtue is the villain. Neither virtue nor talent can be neglected.

2. The principle of consequentialism. In term of employment, we do not focus on education but ability, do not stress on diploma but capability. No matter what your status, education background, or age is, as long as you do well, do better than the others, and make outstanding achievements, we shall use boldly and entrust you with an important post. The “consequentialism”-based employment mechanism has made a large number of talents with both virtue and ability stand out and become the pillars during enterprise development.

3. The principle of Practice First. “You have to burn the jade for three whole days to test its quality and it takes seven years to judge a good wood”. Over the years, any professional talent that comes to work in Shifeng Group will be arranged to work in the front line in the workshop first. After some practice and improvement, we then arrange public examinations to select the excellent ones.

4. The principle of Survival of the Fittest. In term of personnel selection, we turn from “Bole Judging Horses” to “Horse Selected in Race Course”. He who does well will be put into an important position; or he will be eliminated.

5. The principle of “Everyone is a talent”. In term of the use of talent, we eliminate patterns and mysteries, and put the personnel in prosper position according to their abilities. As long as one is out in the right position, he can give play to his ability and wisdom to the hilt, and then he is a talent in a sense. In such a principle, we arrange every employee in a relatively prosper position according to his ability, long suit, experience, personality, etc., achieving giving full scope to the talents and promoting the sustainable, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.