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Founded in 1987, Fujian Xinmei Knitting Co., LTD, covers an area of hundreds of mu. It is a large-scale well-konwn enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of high-qualtiy knitting lace, fashion lace fabric, sports fabric, swimwear fabric, home textile fabric and other series.

  The company has more than 300 sets of computer lace machine series, high-speed warp knitting machine series and supporting equipment which were produced by German Karl Mayer company.

With many years of industry experience, the products are of high quality and variety, and are well-known in China and abroad. It is a large-scale well-known enterprise specializing in R&D and production of high-grade knitted warp-knitted lace, lace fabrics and mesh swimwear fabrics and home textile fabrics.

The company has a strong R & D design and elite sales team, and works closely with well-known institutions such as Wuhan Textile University and Jiangnan University.

Always adhere to the pursuit of customer satisfaction as our responsibility, to serve wholeheartedly, and strive to create value for customers. Based on the rich variety and outstanding product quality, it is based on the market. And was named "Fujian Province's famous trademark" "Fujian Province famous brand products" "SIUF China's top ten suppliers of underwear industry."

High inventory pattern continued
Before the National Day, Zheng cotton contrarian interpretation of the wave of rising trend, the lowest price from 12,470 yuan since 2014 / ton, once on the probe to 13,840 yuan / ton, an increase of 11%. For this round of cotton soared, I believe, in the pattern of the current fundamentals are still weak, high inventory, the cotton price decline will continue.
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